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Over the years we have seen many competent, well skilled contractors who struggled to market themselves. They did beautiful, well crafted, quality work, but they did not have the ability nor the time to market themselves effectively.

They were able to generate some leads by referrals and other methods, but with running a small business and actually doing most of the building; these leads fell through the cracks or they were not able to follow up properly. This resulted in many quality contractors not being able to stay in business.

We want this to STOP!

This is where we come in.

We take these leads, meet with the homeowner, and help them design their project. We answer their questions and see what it is that they actually desire. We then meet with the contractor to
go over the project, pricing, scheduling, etc. We prepare the proposal to take back to the
homeowner along with samples, brochures, product information, etc.

So how does this help?

You as a contractor can do what you do best: Build. We handle the paperwork, customer meetings, samples, brochures, etc. Everything is approved by you prior to meeting with the customer on pricing, products, and scheduling. We use our skills and knowledge to compliment your abilities.

Leads are Valuable

Being in the construction business ourselves we understand how valuable leads are to your business.  We will sign a non-compete agreement with you, meaning the leads you generate are your leads.  We will not market our business to your customers now or in the future.  We are here to help you in your business, not grow our business on the back of your hard work.  We believe our business and personal reputation is one of the great assets we have and we do not plan on losing it based on shady business practices.


You are a contractor, not a marketing expert.  You know how to build, not how to design a website.  With our marketing experience we can do this for you.  We can design a website that meets your needs and shows potential customers you are a legitimate, professional contractor.  The website can contain pictures of your work along with your experience, expertise, and contact information.  We can also design a complete portfolio that includes business cards, brochures, website, newspaper / magazine ads, and even TV commercials.  We can also help you with Home Show booth displays and designs.

Why us?

Why trust Construction Marketing LLC with your marketing needs?  We both know that there are many marketing firms out there that can design a website and a nice business card.  But what marketing firm has construction experience to know what works and what doesn’t in the construction industry?  They may know retail, but they don’t know construction.  Being in construction we know that the winter months are the most challenging.  Most of our customers don’t want to start a construction project during Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Our experience shows that advertising during these times just does not work.  It may work for Wal-Mart and Target during this time, but not for us.  Our goal is to invest your marketing dollars at the best time for you to generate business.  So when Thanksgiving and Christmas come around you will already be working on projects instead of trying to find new ones.


We serve Roanoke, Smith Mountain Lake, Bedford, Lynchburg, Franklin County, Rocky Mount, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Salem, Fincastle and surrounding areas in Virginia.

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