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The Kaul’s had a massive pressure treated deck that was in need of some serious repair.  Instead of spending money to repair a deck that they hardly ever used they decided on a sunroom that they could use each and every day.  We removed the old deck and constructed a new floor system for the sunroom.  The “L” shape of this sunroom and the different roof tie-ins made this a unique project.  Instead of using the insulated roof panels we constructed a wood truss roof system and shingled it to match the existing shingles.  The result is a fantastic sunroom that they use every day.  We removed the old bay window which gave them the open concept that they desired.  This area created over 680 square feet of new living space.  A screen room was created below the sunroom along with Trex Transcends composite decking for the stairs and maintenance free vinyl handrails.




This Vinyl Designs Studio Sunroom was the perfect fit for the Lucci’s.  The Lucci’s live in Salem and wanted a space to enjoy the outdoors and their turtles.  The Studio Room gave them this option with the shed style roof fitting below the existing house window and giving them maximum glass around the walls.  Also, the Lucci’s have two pet turtles that they have had for many years.  We constructed a house for the turtles using the same materials found in the Vinyl Designs Sunroom.  Now both the Lucci’s and the turtles have a place to relax and enjoy their surroundings!




The Graham’s live in Richmond and contacted us about building them a sunroom.  The challenge in this project was that the Graham’s wanted two openings to enter into their new sunroom.  We removed the two existing windows and opened up those areas to enter into the sunroom.  They wanted to step down into the sunroom so we added the oak steps along with extending heating and cooling vents through the step risers.  The other significant feature to this room is the ceiling.  We installed pine bead board on the ceiling and around the two skylights which added a fabulous look to this room.




Mr. and Mrs. Wilson along with his brother were very fun to work for.  The Wilson’s were relocating from Maryland and had just purchased this house.  Mr. Wilson had recently retired and was full of stories from his previous construction career.  They wanted to replace the old deck in the back and add a new sunroom.  We added this 18’ x 16’ cathedral sunroom along with a 14’ x 16’ composite deck.  We also replaced the railings on their front porch and added new sidewalks.   The deck is Trex Transcends composite decking with white vinyl handrails.  A ductless mini-split heating and cooling system was added to give them year round comfort in their new sunroom.




The Butler’s live in Elliston and are blessed with wonderful mountain views.  They had a deck, but wanted a space they could use to enjoy these mountain views in the hot summer and cold winter months.  They had an existing composite deck and wanted to save part of it to use when the weather allowed.  We removed part of the deck where the new sunroom was being constructed and tied in the remaining part back into the sunroom.  Transom glass was added on the side walls to give the room more height.  The interior ceiling height is almost 12’ tall!  The ceiling was then covered with Armstrong Woodhaven Ceiling Planks in Rich Cherry to complete the transformation.



Cathedral Sunroom
This cathedral sunroom was added to give the owners an area to sit and relax after a hard day at work.  This retreat boasts trapezoid glass in the front wall above the sliding windows to allow the sunlight to brighten the space and gives the owner’s the exceptional view that tradition “stick” built sunrooms don’t allow without substantial extra cost.  The maintenance free exterior assures the home owners of many years of enjoyment without having to use their weekends to paint or stain.  This unusable patio area has become a space that not only has created a place to unwind, but has also increased the value of their home.



Deck into Sunroom

This wasted deck space has been transformed into a space that is used on a daily basis.  This cathedral design sunroom was installed on an existing deck.  The deck was “beefed up” to handle the structural requirements for the sunroom, but most of the original deck was used.  This room has electrical outlets, ceiling fan, and heating and cooling for year round comfort.  The sunroom has sliding glass windows with screens, so when the weather cooperates the windows can be opened to allow for that good summer breeze that we all long for.  But when the weather turns nasty just close the windows and turn on the AC or crank up heat and enjoy the outdoor views!



Sunroom and Porch Conversion
This combination studio room sunroom and wall sections converted an existing porch and deck into usable year round living.  Vinyl Design wall sections were added under the existing roof.  Part of the existing deck was removed and a Vinyl Design studio room was attached to these wall sections.  This allowed for the existing roof to be used along with the new studio room.  These wall sections helped to create a large sunroom without the extra expense of adding a completely new roof system.  Shingles were added to the studio room’s exterior embossed aluminum skin roof panels that complemented the existing house shingles.  This room has electrical outlets, ceiling fan, and a thru-wall heating and cooling unit.  Wasted space has now become the place where all the family and friends gather to relax and spend quality time together.



Screen Room
First of all this is not a sunroom!  But it is a modular screen room which is constructed similar to our sunrooms.  It has a maintenance free interior and exterior.  The roof system is exactly the same as our sunrooms and can be used later to convert the screen room into a sunroom.  The great thing about this room is if one of the screen panels becomes loose or torn, it can be easily replaced unlike many “stick built” screen rooms.  Vinyl siding was added to the knee wall so a seamless transition occurs between the house and screen room.    Now the home owners can enjoy their deck without the nuisance of gnats and mosquitoes bothering them on a cool summers evening.




The Smith’s live in a gorgeous home overlooking Salem and the surrounding mountains.  They wanted the opportunity to enjoy this view and were considering a sunroom.  At first they were skeptical about how it would look on a three story brick home and if it would be energy efficient with all the glass.  But after showing them some drawings and explaining to them the high performance glass they were convinced. The sunroom was constructed on their existing deck, but beams were added for additional support and to eliminate some posts.  They want to enclose underneath the sunroom in the future and wanted to maximize the view from that area also.  We installed a 16’ x 12’ Vinyl Design Cathedral Sunroom.  The side walls are 8’-6” tall with glass kick panels and glass transoms above the sliding windows.  The ceiling height is 11’-2” with the front wall having trapezoid glass above the sliding windows to capitalize on their incredible view.  Ceramic tile with radiant heat was installed, along with electrical and heating and cooling.  The Smith’s are extremely happy with the finished product and don’t take my word for... it read their testimonial.